Who We Are

What We Do and Why We Do It

Our life and family experience have taught us that play is the best incentive to learning.

When we play we interact and have fun, opening countless doors to leaning opportunities.

From our experience we also learnt that the material games are made from is as important as their content. Our games can be cleaned very easily and dry quickly, guaranteeing endless hours of learning English through play.


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Our History

In February 2017, after months of hard work and with lots of enthusiasm, we presented Syzygy, our trademark.

Syzygy is a kind of unity formed by the alignment of three celestial bodies (Earth, Moon and Sun) in a gravitational system. The meaning of the saying: “The planets lined up” inspired us to choose the word syzygy as our trademark.

The creation of our logo, three little faces that contain the syllables of the word syzygy, was an opportunity to pay homage to our beloved children who are in Heaven

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Construyendo ideas y generando nuevas herramientas para despertar la curiosidad en la expresion y el conocimiento

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We thought of undertaking this project as a couple. We, the Salles, complement ourselves contributing creativity, experience and management with a special component: our relationship, combined with a great team of professionals!   

Syzygy means exceptional alignment; it is the connection that leads to amazing and unexpected experiences; the conjunction which allows us to imagine, design and create the product for you. This is what we do. This is our mission.