Hopscotch Indoor


Set: Hopscotch + 1 crystal PVC case + Non-slip floor.

Size: 70 x 260 cm.

Material: Sublimated fabric.

Excellent design & quality.


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  • Hopscotch is an activity that…

    ▪️…hones yours child’s physical coordination, balance & cognitive development.✔
    ▪️…builds a child’s self-control over their bodies.✔
    ▪️…puts the body in motion with an internal beat of rhythm that engages the auditory system which  develops communication, speech and language.✔
    ▪️…develops muscle strength!✔
    ▪️…challenges both your child’s balance and orientation.✔
    ▪️…develops fine motor skills.✔
    ▪️…emphasizes adaptability and employs planning and strategizing-skills that can be used                  throughout life.✔