LEVEL: A1, A2, B1, B2 

#PublicBuildings #Jobs #Verbs #Transports

1)Church, School, Bank, Supermarket, Police Station, Hospital

2)Pilot, Firefighter, Hairdresser, Lawyer, Dentist, Businessman

3)Listen, Thank, Share, Help, Remember, Try

4)Transports (Images)👉Foot, Bicycle, Car, Bus, Train, Airplane.

Game 1

* The teacher gives the 4 dice of the collection to the group of students.

* They are assigned to roll one dice each turn.

* With the information that comes up, each student must make a sentence related to what was said by the previous student.

* The challenge is to be able, among them, to create a story about what is going on in the city.


1) The POLICE STATION is two blocks away from my house.

2) Your cousin`s LAWYER will have to pick him up at the police station.

3) Tell your cousin I`m going to HELP him with this matter.

4) As soon as I leave my BIKE, I`ll call you and you tell me where we meet.

Game 2

* Following the same steps as in Game 1, but now, including all the students in the class.

* Once Student 1 has finished with his part of the story, Student 2 rolls his/her assigned dice and continues with the following part of the same story.

* By adding a new episode, the Student will have to connect his/her ideas to the ones created by his/her partners.

* The teacher could determine the order in which the dice are thrown.

Contents, tenses, structures and levels will be set by the teacher.

This way, all students will have the opportunity to play, imagine and tell stories about what is happening in the city!

More ideas:

Roll the dice and create a sentence including this word.

Throw the 4 dice and create a story using the 4 words that come up.

Listen to your partner`s whole story and provide an ending to it.

A group of four students throw the dice, create a story with the vocabulary and write it down, including dialogues, phrasal verbs, etc. Groups exchange stories and write Reported Speech versions of the stories they received.

Throw the dice and create a story with the vocabulary you (or your group) get, but using the real location of these items in your city or neighborhood.