50 expresiones norteamericanas:

Learn what’s new from Ayelén, better known as Teacher Ayi, English teacher, CEO of Clever School of English, entrepreneur and social media content creator.

Would you like to say expressions like «Ponete las pilas» in English? well, Don’t say «put your batteries» you’ll need to know the right way to say it: «Get your act together». This is the reason why I’ve created this e-book.
Say exactly what you want to say, but in a natural way and with the phrases used by native speakers in the United States. Teacher Ayi has created this guide of 50 idioms and slang of American English with examples taken from real life. After taking advantage of this material you will see how you will recognise this terminology in series and movies, you will be excited when you understand the phrases used by the natives because you will have already seen them beforehand in this guide!