LEVEL: A1, A2, B1, B2


How to play

1) Students throw the four dice in order to get a verb, a verb tense, a character/topic and a specific instruction. After that, they have to   provide a sentence or short story using the items they got. (students may have to adapt the verbs)

2) You may only the verb die and the tenses die. Students roll them in order to get a    specific tense and a specific action. They have to provide a sentence using that verb in the correct tense.

3) You may only use the instructions die and the carácter / topic die. Students have to   provide draw, give a synonym/antonym, spell, define or use the  character/topic in the sentence for the rest to guess it.

4) You may only need the verb die and the instuctions die.

          Student 1 rolls the die in order to get a verb. Student 2 throws the die in order to get an                

           Instruction for student 1 to fulfill. (using the verb he got)

5) You may only need the tenses die and the character / topic die.                  

          A student throws the die and tells a story or gives information about the specific topic            

           In the correct verb tense.