LEVEL:   A1, A2 

What time do you go to bed❓🥱

What do you usually have for breakfast❓🥛☕🧉

What time do you go to school? ⏰

#DailyRoutines #HealthyRoutines #FrequencyAdv. #Time

1) Wake up, Have breakfast, Go to school, Have lunch, Do homework,  Have dinner.

2) Wash hands/face, Brush teeth, Have a shower, Do exercise, Sleep, Eat and Drink  healthy.

3) Always, Never,  Sometimes,  Usually, Often, Seldom.

4) 7, 8.15, 12.30, 16.45, 19, 20.50

Game 1

A student rolls a dice of the «Healthy Routine» Collection assigned by the teacher.

Then, with this information, the student will have to make a sentence.


*I study and I do all my HOMEWORK because I want to be a good pupil.


*I like taking a long SHOWER because it relaxes me.


*SOMETIMES I help my mother to prepare dinner.

.                              Or

*I always go for a walk with my dog at 7.00pm

Game 2

In a circle, the 1st student rolls the dice assigned by the teacher. He/She makes a sentence with this information.

The 2nd student will repeat the same sentence but referring to himself/herself as he/she rolls the same dice.

From the information that comes up, the 2nd student will have to make a sentence that will be repeated by the next student, and so on.

For example:

Let’s roll the frequency adv. dice

1st student:

I SOMETIMES go swimming.

2nd student:

I SOMETIMES cook dinner.

I ALWAYS take the bus into town.

3rd student:

I ALWAYS do my homework at school.

I NEVER sleep more than 8 hours.

Once the circle is completed, we could go on working the same way with each of the other dice in this collection.

Contents, verb tenses, structures and level of difficulty are set by the teacher.

Objectives👉🔹️ oral practice towards fluency.✅🔸️ join learning and entertainment✅🔹️foster active participation✅