LEVEL:   C1, C2 

1)Physical Traits: Eyes/Blonde/Curly/Hair/Mouth/Moustache

2)Special features: Hat/Eyebrows/Scar above…/Nose/Birthmark/Glasses

3)Family: Lives with…/Partner/Relationship/2 sons/Single/Divorced

4)Hobbies: Chess/Hiking/Gardening/Brainteasers/Sewing/Parachuting

Game 1

Divide the students in 4 groups, assign one dice of the Profile Collection to each group. Once the students roll the dice, they must complete the information that appears and create a sentence, using the name assigned by the teacher(Mrs. Smith).  With the sentences from the 4 groups, the teacher writes a profile.


According to what the 1st group said:  Mrs Smith has curly HAIR but she wears a bun.

According to what the 2nd group said: Mrs Smith always wears bright and vintage GLASSES.

According to what the 3rd group said: Mrs. Smith is married, and has 2 grown SONS who don’t live with her.

According to what the 4th group said :  Mrs. Smith  visits the park every week to go HIKING or take the dog for a walk.

Game 2

Each group will have to create a profile using the information of each dice (4 dice).

When the teacher collects all 4 profiles, she will reassign a profile for each group. Once each group has a new profile, they will have to write a biography based on the profile they received.

Contents, verb tenses, structures and level of difficulty will be set by the teacher.


Create a story or a context in which the person´s profile is needed (A mystery story, a crime investigation, etc).

Write a newspaper article about it.

Write the interview between a prívate detective or police officer with the person whose profile the students are working with.

Write an interview in a TV chat show in which this person appears as a celebrity.