This board game can be used for reviewing phrasal verbs and their meanings. The goal in this fun teaching game is to match each phrasal verb with its meaning and vice versa.


To win this game, the student must be the player with the most correct sentences at the end of the game.

Game Play:

Each player takes turns tossing the dice. The highest rolling player     begins and game play continues to his left. Students roll the dice and read the sentence in the square according to the numbers of the dice that they roll. The first number corresponds to the columns and the

second one to the rows.

When the student lands on a square he/she has to read the sentence out loud. If the sentence contains a phrasal verb, the student should

provide its meaning using the correct verbal tense. If the sentence   contains a verb, the student should provide the right phrasal verb using the correct verbal tense.

If his/her answer is correct he/she scores two points. If the answer is wrong, there will be no score.


*Material: Sublimated Cordura fabric.

*Size: 35 x 65 cm

*CEFR Level B1 – B1+ – B2