Collection of 4 Dice:

  1. LIKES: Your favourite pet, A hobby you enjoy, What makes you happy, Your best friend, What makes you happy, Your favourite food.
  2. ACTION:  Define it, Use it in a sentence, Give a synonym or antonym, Act it out, Draw it,Spell it
  3. VERBS: Swim, Dance, Jump, Drive, Walk, Play
  4. VERBS TENSES: Present perfect, Simple past, Past perfect, Present continuous, Simple present, Past continuous

1) «Icebreaker», encouraging the achievement of a more fluent communication among students.
2) ideal for learning/reviewing verb tenses, conversation development and group integration
3) Active oral participation..

-Speaking, expressing and describing habits, tastes and preferences.

group activities/games. Includes: Teacher’s guide & pvc bag

*Material: Sublimated Cordura fabric.

*Size: 10 x 10 x 10 cm

*CEFR Level B1 – B1+ – B2