Let`s Talk About


Set: Board + crystal PVC case + 1 acrylic dice (19mm)
Size: 45 x 80 cm.
Material: Sublimated fabric.
Excellent design & quality.

CEFR Level  B1  – B2

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Let’s talk about… family, holidays, friends, dreams…
The best Icebreaker Activity!

💬 Roll the 🎲  ✅
💬 Move your counter ☑
💬 Talk about the subject ✅

🗣 “Let’s talk about” offers attractive Resources that integrate a variety of stimuli, greater dynamism and tha active participation of students.
🗣 “Let’s talk about” enables to check periodically the student ‘s mastery of contents and their skill development in order to obtain an effective diagnosis to plan future lessons.
🗣 The main objective of this game is to put into practice , through entertaining and motivational activity, the contents and skills directly associated to the strenghtening of the knowledge gained, providing inmediate feedback to the teacher, with regard to the teaching méthods, and to the student, with regard to his learning level.